Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer = Lake

Apparently not all states share the same love of the lake as we in Texans do. In my great state however, the only thing comes close to topping the lake during the summer months is floating the river...hell there are songs about it. So this memorial day weekend guess what we all did? We headed to our favorite or closest body of water....for some of us that meant heading down to Comal County or to Possum Kingdom, for me however it took me out to Eagle Mountain Lake with some new friends I didn't know all that well.

This was only my second lake trip this summer. For some reason I just haven't made it out as much as I would like. So when my friend of a friend I met at the bar during a Jason Boland concert invited me to head to his lake house I jumped at the chance. Sure I didn't know him but as my friends have said, "I'm the sassy one, who plays by her own rules" Lame but true, I've always just done what I want and you can come with or I can solo..I'm a big girl.

But back to the lake! So what makes the lake so great? You get out there around noon, take your boat out, pack your cooler full of Coors Light, Drink in the sun, cruise around, tube, wake board, head to Party Cove and tie up (every lake has one, but sometimes they are called something else) float and drink around party cove listening to music. Once your cooler is empty you head back to the docks load up the cooler, eat, drink, layout, float, take the boat back out...around then the sun goes down. So then you eat some more...half way get ready. No shower needed and you head to the local lake bar.

People are still in swim suits and cover ups and drunk and sun burnt...and they're are always old people, but it's so much fun! Drunk locals try and start fights, fat girls enter wet t-shirt contests.

After the bars you go back to the house and down to the dock and continue drinking just to pass out, wake up and do it again.

Cold beer, hot days, water, friends...Summer = Lake

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cowboys, Dairy Farmers, and Small Town boys

So recently I decided to start seeing a different type of boy, ones that might be a little more old fashioned. But maybe it's not all it's cracked up to be. My experiance with the cowboys...Number one was way to nice and way to clingy..number two was a drunken mistake and he was a huge asshole! The small town boy is the one I screwed over and I finally thought we would have our chance to make an actual go at it. I drove 2hours just to see him and we hadn't seen each other in a year. It was great, we jusst picked up where we left off. He was supposed to come up here this weekend....I haven't heard from him. Is it his way of payback for me not leaving my boyfriend for him? Dairy farmer, well he isn't a dairy farmer at all. He's a 26 almost 27 year old analyst for dairy farmers of america. He's old, but sweet and fun and ha a good job, seems responsable enough...but I think he's hiding something...maybe a divorce? a kid? a wife? who the hell knows?

Point is, is there really a point to trying? Even the good guys seem to turn out to be jerks

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Austin....where oh where do I even begin. He's is the most amazing person/biggest asshole you will ever meet. He will be there for you when times are hard and he will make you cry your eyes out. He's my ex-boyfriend.

We dated for four years off and on. We grew up in the same small west texas town together and started dating the end of his senior, my junior, year of high school. He went away, I followed and the rest is history. We are now in the same grade levels as we were when we first started dating just in college instead of high school. I thought we would be getting engaged this summer but here we are.

We didn't speak to each other for a couple months or so after the break-up. But then started up again and tried to be friends..we're still trying to be friends. But somewhere along the lst four years we forgot how to be each others friend. We will hang out everyday one week and won't speak the next. We will spend the night and not hook up and we will spend the night and hook up.

He's my best friend, he's graduating in December. What do you do when the only person (besides your parents) that has always been there since you were 11 years old leaves? 10 years pontentially could mean nothing in the grand scheme of life? At this point though is seems like everything considering 10 years is almost half of my life.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Larry Joe Taylor

For those who don't know, Larry Joe Taylor (LJT), is a huge 5 day long outdoor Texas country music festival. It's basically a drunken, camping shit show. Needless to say, it's AMAZING! So much fun every year.

Well it was this past weekend and I was in attendance on Friday night. I show up around 5:00. My friends who had been there since Wednesday of course were already wasted so I had to do some work and catch up. I get handed a bottle of crown and turn it up. I love my whiskey! Then shotgun some beers, and load up the coolers to head to the stage. After beer flinging and cooler dancing and way to many jello shots it starts to rain. I mean the skies open up! Eveyone of course goes crazy. There's nothing like being drunk in the rain on a hott night. The way the water feels on your skin is wondeful. YOu can get messy and tossel your hair and all is fine because it's raining. You can never feel as sexy as you do in a sun dress in the rain on a hot summer night.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The semester is almost over!!!!.....OH WAIT! need more time!

So this i how my semesters usually start out. At the beginning I'm super motivated and staying on top of things and I really care about my classes. Then the middle comes and you start to put things like papers and pojects off because you have so much time intil they are due at the end of the semester. Then the time comes where you are so excited and ready for the semester to be done and over with and you are really excited until you realize just how uch work you have to do in the neet week and a half to two weeks. You wish you could stop time!! You ar no where near ready for this semester to end! So what do you do? Oh you just buy aton of adderall to get you through. I am currently on my 3rd all nighter in a row. I had a test yesterda and a paper due at 2pm, so like in 12 hours. Have I mentioned that I still haven't started writing, all I have done is all the researc for it. But what else have I done while I'm all addied out in the library you may ask? Figured out my summer school and summer work scedule, figured out my work schedule for dead days and finals week, figured out my lack of a work scedule that I will have in the fall, planned my ideal summer cheer camp schedule to show my coach in our captains meeting on Tuesday, and figured out the weighted average for all my classes with all the possible grades I could recieve on my final exam. That's exactly what I needed to do tonight right?!?!?!

I don't even know how to write this paper, maybe that's why I'm blogging instead of writing it. At 2:45 I must start typing it. The good thing about this is that when calculating my average for this class I put the paper in as a 50 and as a 60(to be on the safe side, because let's be honest, I'm gonna bomb it) and still had a B in the class as long as I can get an A on the final which should be easy since I've gotten A's on all the tests.

Anyways, I'm ranting now(it's the adderall) and the creepy Indian guy that sat down at my table(even though there are tons of empty ones) is staring at me......I have to go.

Wish my luck!

Hugs and kisses from a girl who needs to sleep,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let me pop my blogging cherry

Hi everyone,

I've never done this before so I'll start by telling you a little about myself. My name is Jessica and I'm 21. As you guessed I'm a cheerleader at D1 college in Texas. I would tell you where and all those fun details but I have a feeling later blogs could get me in trouble with the cheer program and such and that would be the last thing I need. I'm a junior neuroscience major and plan on going to med school. I'm also in a sorority. (Again, sorry I can't tell you which one because later post could probably get my in trouble with nationals) If your confused by all this, yes a cheerleader can be smart and still party balls with all the "frat stars," but we will get to that later.

The reasoning for the blog you might ask? I'm slightly a wild child and ever since freshman year I have been saying that when I graduate I'm going to write a book with all of my crazy stories about my time in college, kind of an I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell except from a girls perspective. The book was going to be titled Confessions of a College Cheerleader. Well, I've gotten a little more realistic with age (HA) and know that me actually taking the time to write a book is very unlikely on top of that it would have to get published......so I thought me and my horrible writing skills could handle a blog.

Why should you read? Well that's easy, I think it will make you laugh. I can get myself into quite the predicaments. And while cheerleading will be in the blog, that's not what this is about. I'm many things, a college student, a sorority girl, a cheerleader, and a little bit of a partier..but doesn't that go along with the other three things?

Get ready for drunken hook ups, all night study sessions, crazy stupid love affairs, bitchy girl drama, tears, and laughter. Hope you enjoy the ride.